As I walked in to the mysterius cave I wondered what would happen, if I would get lost or come back, but their was something about that cave that I just wanted to know more about. As I crept in the cave quietly a rat ran over my feet "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I screamed in fear. As I screamed rocks began to tumble down. I yelled again in disbelief, could this really be happening to me ? Then after that long scream I heard a weird noise, maybe if I followed the noise I will find a way out! I began to walk. All I had was my flash light and some gum. I got closer to the noise. It was black, furry, and meowed? It was only a cat. The cat came closer. I thought to my self if I ran away from it, it will only chase me and if I pick it up and pet it I will either get scratched or have a new friend. Then I thought, I need to make a decision about things, and think about the positives. I reached for the cat. As picked it up and pet it the cat began to purr. I named it Abby. Now I didn't just have a flash light and gum, I had a friend. After a while I felt more comfortable in this creepy cave. then I saw light, could it be a way out? I ran as fast as I could with out dropping Abby. Their was away out! But where in the world was I? wold I ever get home?