iLife '08 - by Apple
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iMovie '08
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iWeb '08

First website you need to visit is This page will provide you with excellent how to videos on every aspect of the new iLife '08 suite. There are many upgrades and changes from the iLife '06 version. Be sure to check out the videos before you get started, or if you still have questions!

AM Day 2 video podcast example

PM Day 2 video podcast example

PM podcast Day 2

AM podcast Day 2
DJ song our first posted mixdown using garageband

Tubular Luggage remix version by Shikamaru
Random song by RZee

Two songs by the unknown comic

A Jonas Brothers podcast by Mary Jones

Hyped Up on Sugar - 'nuff said.

Lame Jokes podcast #1

Lame Jokes Vidcast episode #2

Shyguysrock & Snoopy's random podcast #1 enhanced version

Albert the Alien movie

I don't believe it videos from Tytania & Wolfington

A very unique ramblecast by Bull Moose and Company

Boom Boom, a garageband song by Mary Jones

Our first music video by DJ & the Gang

Dancing with the fablous SI