Week 3 Primary Clues 2009

(1) Abanskaya Secondary School 3 - (Team Kazakova) Krasnoyarsk
Territory, Russia - kazakova28@rambler.ru

1. Our landmark is in the northern hemisphere.
2. I got my name from the Englishmen.
3. I am man-made.

4. I belong to two continents.
5. I am the longest of my kind.
6. 1891 is very important date for me.

7. I’m a miracle of modern engineering.
8. My painter was awarded the Legion d'honneur in Paris in 1900 and his
panorama was awarded the gold medal.
9. I’m very important for my country.

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(2) Alconbury - England - Lydia.Wilson@eu.dodea.edu

1. This place is in the northern hemisphere.
2. It is a bird sanctuary.
3. This place was once closed, because it was so expensive to run.

4. Multiple movies were made about this place.
5. It used to be used as a military site.
6. It is located at about 37' north latitude.

7. Native Americans have an important part in this place's history.
8. In 1846 the first owner was recorded.
9. It is 15 minutes off the coast of a major city.

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(3) Allen Creek Elementary - Rochester, New York
margaret_brady@pittsford. monroe.edu - Fourth grade

1. Our area has many beaches.
2. This landmark dates from 40,000 years ago.
3. In 1906 a bear was found.

4. It is found in a land of fabulous stars and fabulous trees.
5. 34 degrees latitude, 118 degrees longitude
6. It is in the Golden State.

7. Spanish settlers waterproofed their adobe houses with my product.
8. Indians used my product to cover baskets and canoes.
9. Poor animals fell in and couldn't get out.

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(4) ACS-Beirut (Team Phoenicians 4A) bbashour@acs.edu.lb

1. It is located in an ancient, major city and country, known for its
mystical beasts.
2. It is considered sacred and was used as a shelter for storing
3. It is something that is from the years 3,000 – 5,000 B.C.

4. It is in the eastern hemisphere.
5. It is built on a hill overlooking the remains of a marketplace.
6. It is something that got destroyed in 146 B.C.

7. There are seven columns standing.
8. It was eventually destroyed by earthquakes.
9. The latitude is N 37°54.

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(5) ACS-Beirut (Team Beirut 4B) bbashour@acs.edu.lb

1. It was designed by a theatrical set designer.
2. This landmark was featured in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
3. The nearest airport, located in the northern hemisphere, is 128km to
the northeast.

4. Richard Wagner had a lot to do with this place.
5. It was begun in 1869 and left unfinished in 1886.
6. The swan has a lot to do with its name.

7. Somewhere in the Bavarian Alps.
8. “The swan” has a lot to do with its name.
9. One of the coordinates is 47°33'27''N

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6) ACS-Beirut (Team Quadriopolis 4C) bbashour@acs.edu.lb

1. An International boundary passes through this landmark.
2. This landmark was originally created by glacial retreat.
3. In 1885, a horse-drawn carriage ride around this landmark cost $1.00
per hour.

4. The landmark attracts approximately 12 million visitors every summer.
5. This landmark reaches between 170 and 180 feet in height.
6. The first person to survive passing over this landmark was a 63 year
old female school teacher.

7. The name of this landmark is derived from the Iroquois word
“Onguiaahra” meaning “the straits.”
8. A French man crossed over this landmark
(7) ACS-Beirut (Team Rocks 5A) snoshie@acs.edu.lb

1. We are a living landmark (!), and are constantly on the move (well,
once a year at least).
2. We number in the 100 million.
3. We can be found in the Southern Hemisphere.

4. We live in a place named after a public holiday.
5. We have only about 1,400 humans living around us.
6. We are red in color.

7. We live on an island (part of a country that used to be a prisoner
colony) that was discovered on 25 December 1643.
8. We are at 105"40 degrees longitude East.
9. We are crustaceans. (now that should give it away!)

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(8) ACS-Beirut (Team Manara 5B) bbashour@acs.edu.lb

1. This eastern hemisphere landmark has been inhabited since prehistoric
2. This landmark ends with a Y-shaped pattern.
3. It was discovered in 1836 by an American.

4. It is 300 meters (980 ft) above sea level.
5. It is a candidate in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition.
6. In 1969, a concert with electronic music by a French composer was
held at the location of the landmark.

7. The landmark took millions of years to be formed.
8. The landmark, located at 35°36' E longitude, is a source of
attraction for all the families wishing to discover a mysterious world.
9. The length of the whole landmark is 9 kilometers.

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(9) ACS-Beirut (Team Freedom Walkers 5C) - bbashour@acs.edu.lb

1. Our landmark, where only priests were permitted, was built as a
dwelling place of the gods.
2. These structures were built of bricks made of mud.
3. It was built in the 3rd millennium BC.

4. Over hundreds of years these were built on the remains of previous
buildings so the platforms got bigger.
5. Each of these was dedicated to the city’s most important god or
6. It is about 102 meters (335’) tall.

7. It is located in the eastern hemisphere.
8. One of the coordinates is 30.57° N
9. There are 32 of these in the Fertile Crescent.

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(10) ACS-Beirut (Team Berhunu 5D) bbashour@acs.edu.lb

1. Located in a land locked country.
2. Located in one of the oldest countries in the world.
3. In its native language it means "smoking water"

4. Thirty kilometers south of "one of the most beautiful, well planned,
and safest cities".
5. Estimated to be between 37 and 45 meters high.
6. Located in the eastern hemisphere.

7. Stunning rainbows are created.
8. Endangered, with 90% diversion, as a result of a hydropower project
in the early 2000s.
9. Located at 11° 33' 14.51'' N

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(11) Battle Primary - Reading, England-
teamhiggs@battleprimary. reading.sch.uk

1. this landmark's name has many many meanings
2. this land mark could be compared to a type of hair cut
3. this landmark is near to an item of clothing (sic)

4. this landmark is at the foot of a great expanse
5. this landmark can feel your footfall
6. this landmark is shrouded in mystery

7. this landmark towers over its surroundings
8. this landmark was a convicts friend
9. this landmark has only itself for conpany

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(12) Columbus School-Bridgeport,CT- greenbergbob@sbcglobal.net

1. Located in the Northern Hemisphere.
2. Listed in Ripley's Believe It or Not.
3. It is categorized by three names.

4. It is popular with honeymooners.
5. It is 172 feet at its highest point.
6. It is 2600 feet at its widest point.

7. Blondin walked on tight rope here in 1859.
8. It is in the Western Hemisphere.
9. Many daredevils have been attracted to this landmark.

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(13) Eldon Upper Elem-(Team Palmer1) Barb_Smith@mail.eldon.k12.mo. us

1. This landmark is found at these coordinates, Latitude: 40 degrees
41.3 North, Longitude: 74 degrees 02.7 West.
2. Located in the New York Harbor.
3. It also was gifted to America in 1883.

4.The light of this landmark can be seen from 20+ miles away.6. This monument is also a lighthouse.

7. This famous building was built by Auguste Bartholdi.
8. This statue was first constructed on July 4th.
9. This monument weighs a whopping 450,000 pounds.

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(14) Eldon Upper Elem(Team Palmer2) Barb_Smith@mail.eldon.k12.mo. us

1. 4,200 ft. long
2. Built in 1937
3. 90 ft. in width

4. Total weight when built- 894,500 tons
5. About 600,000 rivets in each tower
6. Construction started Jan. 5, 1933

7. 37° 49' 1'' N, 122° 28' 4'' W
8. Located over a bay
9. Pacific Time Zone

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(15) Eldon Upper Elem (Team Palmer3)- Barb_Smith@mail.eldon.k12.mo. us

1. It’s latitude and longitude is: N 41.70386 and W -103.34827.
2. It can be seen from the Oregon Trail.
3. It is shrinking in height due to erosion.

4. It’s a natural landform.
5. In 1995 it got its own onsite museum.
6. It’s made from sand stone.

7. It was formed by erosion.
8. It’s on the back of the Nebraska state quarter.
9. It’s on the Nebraska license plate.

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(16) Eldon Upper Elem (Team Palmer5) - Barb_Smith@mail.eldon.k12.mo. us

1.The longitude is 41 degrees 36 north. The latitude is 93 degrees 36
2.It is covered with 23-karat gold leaf.
3.The state nickname is the “Hawkeye State”.

4. Another nickname for the state is the “Land of the Rolling Prairie”
5. Reproduction of the Statue of Liberty in the East Lawn.
6. There are 298 steps from the second floor to the dome

7. It was moved to Des Moines in 1857.
8. Every state in the USA has one.
9. Located on East Grand Ave Iowa.

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(17) Eugene Field- Hannibal,MO-(Team Oleksy) soleksy@hannibal.k12.mo.us

1. I am located in the same hemisphere as the famous Hollywood sign, on
38°N latitude.
2. I stand 201 feet long and 132 feet deep and 99 feet tall.
3. The words of the person I honor are inscribed on my walls.

4. In 1900 the land I am built on was a swamp.
5. I have columns that represent the number of states that existed when
the person I honor was in office. By the time I was built there were 48
6. I was completed in 1922 and dedicated in the month of May.

7. Inside I have a 19 foot statue that weighs 175 tons.
8. My statue was constructed out of 28 pieces of marble.
9. My statue was designed by Daniel Chesterfield.

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(18) Eugene Field- Hannibal,MO(Team Huseman) mhuseman@hannibal.k12.mo.us

1. Controversy surrounds me.
2. I was never really finished.
3. You won't find me in the Southern Hemisphere.

4. I'm considered to be on sacred ground.
5. I was started in 1927.
6. My purpose was to attract tourists.

7. I'm at 103 degrees West Longitude.
8. I cover 1,278.45 acres.
9. I represent 150 years of American History.

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(19) Eugene Field- Hannibal, MO - (Team Smith) -

1. latitude 29 degrees N
2. Lost the title in 1992 to Georgia copy
3. Quayle was chosen

4. 13 acres
5. Rolling Stones set a new record here
6. nearby you can hear, Laissez les bons temps rouler!

7. diameter on top: 210 meters
8. shelter of last resort
9. Looks upon Poydras

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(20) Gerald Ford Elem. - (Team Simonsen) - Indian Wells, CA -

1. Weather – Water is unreliable. It comes heavy and hard, but not
2. Reptiles - This landmark has eighteen types of lizards, twenty-five
types of snakes, but only one type of tortoise
3. People - The first group known to inhabit the area was the Pinto
Culture, followed by the Serrano, the Chemehuevi, and the Cahuilla.

4. One name first considered for this landmark is Desert Plants National
5. Palm tre6. This park is located about 35 miles north of the biggest lake in
California, a saline lake.

7. The tree this park is named after is really a giant member of the
lily family.
8. The Keys Ranch is one of the first settlements in the park in modern
9. This place is known internationally for its beautiful wildflowers.

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(21) Grammar School at Somersville - (Team Ferrante) - Somersville, CT -

1. I have been called a geographical phenomomena.
2. I am .4 k wide.
3. In the late 1960’s it was rumored a monster was seen here.

4. I was formed during the ice ages.
5. Not many living creatures can survive here.
6. At one time I was above sea level.

7. I lost my roof.
8. Latitude: 17° 18' 0 N
9. I am named after a color

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(22) Grassland Elementary - Christy Green - geslandmark@gmail.com

1. Touch me, good luck, & come back soon
2. Host to medieval tournaments.
3. Same hemisphere as 2008 Olympics.

4. Imitations replaced original forms.
5. Many believe I connect yesterday with today.
6. Stir in many eggs and make strong glue.

7. I’ve had 3 names…I’m “king” of “games.”
8. Catholic decorations added in 1600’s
9. Latitude near 50 degrees N

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(23) Gymnazium, Humpolec, Czech Republic - (Team PRIMA)

1. I´m in the Eastern hemisphere.
2. Every day 10,000 visitors visit me.
3. I connect 2 states.

4. You can use 2 means of transport to overcome.
5. In the middle of me can the Queen and the King have a chart.
6. I am man made.

7. I can be found between 10-15 longitude.
8. The activity connected with me takes 35 minutes.
9. My length is 16 km.

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(24) Harvest Hills - (Tuesday Hawks)Oklahoma City,OK -

1. Northern hemisphere
2. It is now a museum.
3. There was a bloody battle there.

4. There is a movie about this landmark.
5. There is a song about it.
6. It was built in 1744.

7. Aprox. 29 degrees north.
8. Today it is in a large city.
9. The flag that flies there has one star on it.

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(25) Harvest Hills - (Wednesday Hawks)Oklahoma City,OK -

1. Aprox. 41 degrees north
2. It is a peninsula.
3. Lobster would be easy to find here.

4. This landmark has a college named after it.
5. This landmark’s motto: “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only
under liberty.”
6. The “Half-moon” landed here in 1609.

7. Northern hemisphere
8. It can be seen from space.
9. There are chips named after it.

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(26) Harvest Hills - (Thursday Hawks)Oklahoma City,OK -

1. This landmark is famous for “stripes.”
2. This landmark has lots of flags.
3. This landmark has a capacity of 32,969.

4. On Sept. 25, 1966, 413 people showed up at this landmark.
5. This landmark opened in 1923.
6. There was a wedding there in 2006.

7. This landmark has a high wall around it.
8. Northern hemisphere
9. Aprox. 40 degrees north

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
(27) Harvest Hills - (Friday Hawks)Oklahoma City,OK -

1. An important event happened here is 1775.
2. A ship is named after this landmark.
3. There is a movie named after this landmark.

4. There is a monument there today.
5. This landmark is named after a battle that wasn’t fought there.
6. Both sides of the battle had 3 colors on their flags.

7. Aprox. 42 degrees north.
8. Northern hemisphere
9. The side that won the battle had much greater losses than the side
that lost.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++
(28) Lafayette Regional (Thrilling13) - New Hampshire -
gferguson@lafayetteregional. org

1. I light up the night for miles around but use no light bulbs.
2. Two perished in my making.
3. Two towers watch over me.

4. My hollow6. There was competition over me.

7. I hover over a vast history that dates back to the age of ice.
8. The Prime Meridian is in my sights
9. The wind might howl but I will only budge 5 cm.

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(29) Laingsburg Elem (Warriors) Laingsburg,MI - meyerisland@gmail.com -
skype meyerisland

1. It was named after a king
2. There is a lot of traffic in the center of it
3. It was built about 1795

4. located about 10 degrees North
5. over 5,000 people live there (2008 census)
6. some people around the area speak Papiamento

7. It is in the western hemisphere
8. It has a nickname
9. Their flag has four colors

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++

(30) Laingsburg Elem (Typhoons) Laingsburg,MI - meyerisland@gmail.com

1. featured on the Today Show in 2005, because of it's uniqueness of
being so small
2. in the 1930's it's population was only 130 people
3. it is 44 degrees north latitude

4. it was founded in the 1900's
5. it's area is 0.2 miles
6. it was founded by Czech immigrants

7. it is in the western hemisphere
8. it's landscape is grasslands
9. has a local library with around 9000 books, having patrons from
nearby travel to check out materials.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

(31)Laingsburg Elem (Leprechauns) Laingsburg,MI - meyerisland@gmail.com
- skype meyerisland-

1. current population 1,647
2. named after a pirate
3. a good local crop is Cascarilla bark

4. first residents arrived there in 1783
5. written documents were found and it was believed to be part of San
Salvador or Guanahani
6. farming is the main occupation

7. located at 24 degrees North
8. local lake called the Mermaid Hole
9. It is an island

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

(32)Laingsburg Elem (Musketeers) Laingsburg,MI - meyerisland@gmail.com -
skype meyerisland

1. Located in Western Hemisphere
2. It is relatively small (23 acres)
3. It has a violent history

4. It was built in 1857
5. It closed down in the mid 1960's
6. over 25 people have died here

7. It was once owned by the U.S. Military
8. Located at 122 degrees West
9. It is reputed to be haunted.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++
(33) Matsumoto School - (Team Fleischer) - San Jose, CA -

1. The state seal has Minerva sitting on it
2. Once a happy man lived here but others destroyed his way of life
3. It was built between 1841 and 1843

4. It was a stop for pioneers where they could rest and get supplies
5. The original owner of the site was from Switzerland
6. It is located along longitude 121 degrees west

7. Place the Donner Party tried to reach for help
8. It represents the end of the California trail
9. Patty Reed's doll is in this landmark

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +
(34) Naches Valley Intermediate - Naches, WA -

1. Temperatures surrounding this landmark reach over 100 degrees
Fahrenheit in the summer.
2. Be careful of venomous reptiles and poisonous plants.
3. This landmark glows orange-yellow at sunset and offers great views of
the planets and stars at night.

4. This landmark is approximately 2,000 feet above sea level.
This landmark is located at approximately 30 degrees N. latitude.
6. Strange shapes were created underwater 10,000 to 80,000 years ago.

7. Travel 200 miles from a famous, large city to visit this landmark.
8. This landmark was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1968.
9. Many science fiction movies were filmed here including Planet of the

(35) Narragansett Elementary School - Narragansett, RI-
cbatchel@narragansett.k12.ri. us

1. Built in the same year as the Titus Chip Foose Chevrolet.
2. Weighs 2 and ½ tons.
3. On a clear night can be seen as far away as 25 miles.

4. Height of 15 feet.
5. Close to 84 degrees.
6. Constructed of 800 square feet of plexiglass.

7. Is, at time++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++
(36) Oberthur Primary (Team Lowe) Bullcreek, W.Australia -

1. This landmark was an internment camp during World War I.
2. Several naturally occurring salt lakes can be found at this landmark.
3. This landmark has more than 13 shipwrecks in the surrounding area.

4. More than 500,000 people visit this landmark each year.
5. This landmark is located 18 kilometres off the coast.
6. This landmark is 11 kilometres long.

7. This landmark was named in 1696.
8. You can find this landmark between 100 and 125 degrees east
9. This landmark is in the southern hemisphere.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++

(37) Rowsley Primary - Derbeyshire, England
-rachel.verdicchio@btinternet. com

1. The builders used geometrical mathematics to build it.
2. Built in about 3100 BC
3. It was built using three different types of stone

4. Each section weighs about 44 tonnes
5. Located at about 51 degrees North
6. It served as a burial ground

7. It was discovered by John Aubrey
8. Celebration takes place here on the 21st June every year
9. The stones used were Sarsen, Bluestone and Welsh Sand Stone

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++
(38) Veteran's Elementary - Hannibal, MO (Team Ragar)

1. January 15, 1943
2. Provides Tours
3. One of the world's largest office buildings

4. Northern Hemisphere
5. 583 Acres
6. July 1996- Celebrated 2 millionth visitor

7. 77.2 degrees Longitude
8. Original site was a wasteland, swamp, and dump
9. Cinco

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++
(39) Veteran's Elementary- Hannibal, MO (Team Seago)

1. winter of 1819/1820-dog discovery
2. 52 degrees
3. signatures

4. Northern hemisphere
5. 114+ years worth of tours
6. place of hiding

7. 39.7 degrees
8. backbone of the devil
9. "Treasure Room"

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++
(40) Waialae School – Hawaii - tkalahui@waialae.k12.hi.us

1. It was designed by a Spanish architect
2. It is in the same hemisphere as Europe
3. It is located at approximately 55 Degrees N

4. It earned a gold award by Emporis
5. Construction began on Valentine’s Day
6. It was designed to resemble a sculpture made of white marble

7. It is 90 degrees different at the top than it is at the bottom
8. A man parachuted onto it, then jumped off
9. It is a residential building

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++
(41) Waimea Canyon School - Waimea, HI - fay_vea@notes.k12.hi.us

1. In 1763, something was found that identified me.
2. I am famous for fish sauce.
3. Average woman under 5 feet.

4. I am in the same hemisphere as Australia.
5. My people were polytheistic.
6. Man made.

7. My coordinate is approximately 40 degrees Latitude.
8. About 2,000 people died one summer.
9. I was declared a World Heritage site.