Pre-reading questions.

Day 1 reflection

What would it be like living on an island? What would you enjoy? Is there anything you'd hate about living on an island? What role / job would you have if you were a character in this novel?

Test 1

I would love living on an island because of being so close to the water. I’d hate that we would only have the natural resources that can be found on the island. I would like to be a fisherman, because I like to fish.

I would like to because you get to be close to the water and seagulls fly around all the time and there a lot’s of tree’s. Swimming and walking on the sand. I would hate living alone. A baseball player.


I think it would be fun to live on a island. I think I would enjoy looking at the dolphins playing in the water. I’d hate the low food supply. I would be the food gather, because I it would be like a scavenger hunt.


It would be okay living on an island because I would be able to to fish. I would hat it because there would be no television. I would like to be a fisherman because I like to fish.

I think it would be really fun living on an island! I would enjoy it because I like being around animals and nature. I would hate it because I wouldn’t be able to leave. I would want to be the person that makes dinner because I love to cook.


I would love to live on an island! To wake up every morning and seeing the waves. I would hate not being able to travel. I would be a cook because I love to taste different things.

Day 3 Reflection:

Have you ever been left at home alone? What was that responsibility like? Were you left with specific instructions or was it on accident? What types of rules would kids have it they are left alone? Describe IN DETAIL the feelings Karana felt when she realized Ramo was not on the boat with the rest of her tribe. Did she make a good choice? What would you do in that same situation?


I have been home alone before. My responsibility is not very big it is just to do my chore and let the dog in and out. Sometimes there is specific instruction, but it has never been on accident. I would say that their main rule would be to not break anything important or valuable. I think Karana was being a good sister by jumping off to stay with her brother! I also think she did make a good choice by helping him. I would definitely save him because I wouldn’t want him to die


I would like to because you get to be close to the water and seagulls fly around all the time and there a lot’s of tree’s. Swimming and walking on the sand. I would hate living alone. A baseball player.


I have been left alone many times. It was funny because got to eat all the cookies I wanted!;) All my mom said to do is don’t eat a lot, don’t go outside, don’t answer the door to anyone! Well she was like oh my gosh! Where is my brother! Her brother could not do anything by himself. I would like to leave my sister.


Yes I have been left home alone. I had alot of things that my parents told me not to do and it was awsome to be left home alone. I had both sometimes it has been planed and on acident. To not answer the phone or dont cook. She was panicked so she jumped of to stey with him. Yes she did make the good choice because she would have never seen him again. I would jump of because I would never have to listen to anyone and I could eat any food.

Yes, I have been left left alone for a little over an hour. It was on purpose most of the time, but once my mom was late from her job
when I rode the bus. I think she did the right thing by going back

to get Ramo. She risked his life for him.

Day 1 wiki response by Neopoleon7

I think it would be great to live on an island. I would
enjoy the wildlife, animals, and the beutiful scenery.
There would be nothing I would hate about living on
the island, especially not the adventerous hiking and
need for survival skills. A job I would take would probably be a hunter.

By: Musiclover99

Yes I have been left home alone. It made me feel more responsible because you were the one to make the dissections Yes, I had to lock all the doors and not opens them for any one. To never open the doors. She probably felt like she needed to go but she didn’t have a choice. Yes because she did the best thing. I would jump off the boat to be with my brother.

Day 5 Response questions:

After the tragic events you read about, what is the most tragic event you've read about or experienced? What are the daily events like for Karana to survive alone on the island? What is the biggest obstacle she faces?

SoccerStar18 In the book, I think it is when Ramo dies.It was sad, getting killed by wild dogs. She has to find her own food. She is trying to kill sea elephants, that normally takes Like 6 men. She is just a 12 year old girl.

By: Muciclover99

The most sad part in the book was when Ramo died ,

Because I have lost a lot of people in my life. Karana has a lot of challenges on the island, she has to hunt for food to survive. Her biggest obstacle she faces... Her brother Ramo died and she was all alone.

My worst expierience was when I learned that I had a hip desease. The daily things were that she goes fishing, cooks food,and hunts dogs. Her biggest obstacle is she has to fight of dogs.


The most tragic event I’ve ever experienced is when I found out that I would need surgery in the first grade. Her daily events are very tough because she has to find herself food and good shelter. I think her biggest struggle is knowing that her brother is gone for ever.

Day 5 by Napoleon7
The most tragic event that happened in the book
so far, I think it would be during the time when Ramo died. I have had a lot of death in my family
so I know what it feels like. One of the daily events
that she faces is trying to kill the wild dogs that killed Ramo so they don’t kill her. The biggest obstacle she faces is to do the men’s jobs she isn’t
used to doing.

Day 6 Wiki Response

List a strategy that you used to help you better understand the text thus far.

  • I recalled what I know about the topic.

  • I asked myself questions as I read.

  • I was reminded of personal connections.

  • I thought about the reasons why things happened.

  • I pictured what was happening.

Give at least two examples from the book to show how you used this comprehension strategy.

I pictured what was happing because I can just like see her trying to survive. This book is amazing!!!!

By: Musicluver

I have been working on writing down the characters so I can remember them.

I have been going back and reading the text to actually get it.

I have been writing down any thing that is important


I pictured what was happening when Karana and Rontu were getting attacked by a devilfish which is an octopus. I could picture it when she saved Rontu with all of the natural recources she used.

day 6 by Napoleon: One example how I used this strategy is when Karana and her dog Rantu went fishing and the devil fish (a squid)
grabbed Ranto and tryed to kill him. I used this strategy by seeing the
squid grab Rantu and him biting a tentacle off and the squid flailing
it’s limbs.(In my mind.) I also had a text to self connection when that same thing happened because I remember being at the John Ball park
Zoo in Grand Rapids.


I usually write down the important things so I can remember them

Usually I ask myself questions as I read but make sure they make sense, and then I ask the people I am with.

When I am reminded of personal connections I like to remember things from being little, for example like when I used to get hurt it reminds me about Karana getting hurt in the story.

When I thought about those things I figured that they author was just making the book interesting. I do think that it does make the book more interesting though.

I love picturing things in my mind about the book because those things sometimes happen to me.

I took pictures in my mind and turned them into sentences. I also write down a lot of things to help me remember everything I read.

  • ~

  • MisterNovember

I pictured what was happening like when the squid was attacking Karana and Runto bit of a leg and Karana tried to stab the squid.The squid still survived . And I pictured her living alone.

Day 8 Response Questions:

Karana makes a new friend on the island. Is this an ironic twist or a natural progression of the story's events? How does this story event connect to earlier events involving Ramo? How does Karana feel about the "connection" she has to this new friend? Explain. How does Rontu help prove useful in Karana's struggle for survival?

By: Musiclover99

Karana made a new friend named Rontu he is a wild dog and is a friend of Karana. Rontu died... Karana found a otter and it became he pet. the otters first name was Mon-a-nee then it is Won-a-nee.


Karana’s new pet is a otter. She names him Mon-a-nee. She got him after Rontu died. then she renamed the otter Won-a-nee. The next day, she saw a wild dog. It looked like it was Rontu’s son,and it was.


When Karana found an otter on the island I did see it coming because she just wanted friends so she found what she could. This story connects to Ramo because she found the otter suffering almost like she found Rontu, the dog that killed Ramo. She loves having him around she also loves being able to talk to them. He helps her by protecting her from enemies and other wild dogs. It gets sad towards the end of the chapter when Rontu dies, but she ends up finding a dog she thinks is Rontu’s son, because of the way he looks. She kept him and named him Rontu-Aru which means son of Rontu.

When she met the person it was not a twist because she was trying to meet someone. When she saw the otter suffering it reminded her of Rontu suffering then she thought that Rontu killed her brother. She felt good because she was looking for someone to keep her company and help her with stuff. He keeps her company gets her food and is her friend.