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This is our class wiki page dedicated to the novel Lightning Thief, written by Rick Riordan.
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It is about a boy named Percy Jackson. He is ADHD, which means attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. He is 12 years old. He's been in six different schools in the last six years. He currently attends the Yancy Academy, a private school in New York. He has a family but his dad left from them. Percy found out he was in danger and was getting chased by dangerous monster who try to kill him.

He has a friend named Grover . Grover walks weird, he has a muscle disorder. He is disabled, and doesn't have to participate in gym class. Grover appears to be older than 6th grade. He has a mustache and acne. Percy notices that he smells like wet animal fur, like the petting zoo. He tells Percy that he is a satyr (1/2 goat, 1/2 human) and he is his keeper. He can run fast, but walking is awkward. Grover has to stuff human shoes with cotton because he has to have room for his little goat feet. He is around 26 years old. That is not old for a satyr. He later on uses flying shoes that Luke gave him. All he has to do to make them fly is to say Maia! He is the best at using them. Grover still has to get the hang of it. The shoes have wings sporting out of them. They were Hermes(Luke’s father) old traveling shoes.

He has a teacher named Mr. Brunner. He is old. He is in a motorized wheelchair. He is knowledgeable about Egyptian mythology. He is handicapped. He seems to know a lot about mythology at the museum. He looked sad when examining the statue of a girl who died. Chiron: "Mr. Brunner", immortal centaur, trainer of demigods, assistant director of Camp Half Blood.

Sally Jackson is Percy's mom. She loves Percy and has known about Percy in danger. She is very kind but didn't tell Percy a lot about his father. His mom was the nicest person and she was o.k. in every way! one time they went on a trip to montauk island! and later on the trip, his mom was killed by a giant "thing" once she was killed he found out that she was a half-blood and she was a god! Latter on Grover goes unconcious and his mother gets killed by a Mentor. Then after the fight with the Mentor Percy callapeses on the pourch of the house in the vally.

"Smelly" Gabe is Percy's step-dad. He cam smell out money from anywhere, when Percy got home
he said "you got any money?" Percy said no but Gabe said you took a taxi from the bus station,
probobly paid with a twenty and got seven dollars in change and was right! He is Percy's step dad
but Percy hates him. His mom wasn't to fond of him either, he was always having poker parties and
drinking. He would be angry to find out what happened to his Camero! Smelly Gabe is all about betting with money. He doesn't care about Percy at all. He just wants their money so he can bet in poker. In the end he ends up petrified by Maducas head and sold.

Percy likes Greek mythology. Percy is interested in Greek mythology, it is the only class he doesn't fall
asleep in. Also, Mr.Brunner, his favorite teacher, that teaches that class. He beleives in Percy even though
he gets strait D's. At the end of school he wanted to impress Mr.Brunner by getting an A on his exam but he gets attaced by Mis.Dodes before he can.

Zeus is the king of the gods, Lord of the sky.ZEUS lost his master boult and thinks Podisan stole it. So Percy has tell the end of the summer solstice to “give it back” sky. when he gets there he is almost kiled by Zews and as sewn as he gives Zeus the master bolt he had to leve.

Annabeth: Annabeth is Grover and Percy’s friend. Annabeth she has help Percy’s a lot when he really needed her. She is a really good friend. Annabeth has blond hair and gray eyes. She looks like she is a girl from California. Annabeth has been at camp half blood for 8 years. Annabeth has a step mom. Also she dose know who her mom is. She has an invisible cap that she uses. Annabeths parents always ignore her

Luke:Luke is the coolest guy in camp. He has a big scar on his face too.

Clarisse: She is a half-blood whose father is Ares. She wears camo clothes, is loud and boisterous, and generally mean to other campers.

Chiron: "Mr. Brunner", immortal centaur, trainer of demigods, assistant director of Camp Half Blood. He started out as Percy's teacher, Mr. Brunner, but that was a disguise. He is a trainer of heroes, and apparently immortal.

Dionysus: God of wine, disgruntled director of Camp Half Blood, skilled at pinochle, resembles a "cherub gone middle-aged in a trailer park". Banished to Camp Half Blood and banned from wine by his father, Zeus, as a punishment for a foul deed in the past.

Kronos: Father of Zeus. He was chopped up and his parts were scattered far and wide in Tartarus.

Poseidon: Percy's dad. He is lord of the Seven Seas. He is brothers with Zeus and Hades. He made a pact with his brothers after WWII to not have any more children, but broke that agreement when he met Percy's mother.

Hades is the god of the underworld. Gods from Olympus are accusing him of stealing Zeus's master bolt. He is sending furies, other, underworld creatures, and monsters. He is only allowed to come to Olympus during the winter solstice.

Ares: Ares is the god of War. He is also Clarise’s dad.

Hermes - He is Luke's dad, and the sponsor of Cabin 7. He is the messenger of the gods and the patron of thieves. He gave Luke some magic shoes, that he passed along to Percy as a gift.

Mount Olympus is the place were all the gods meet. They have all there meetings there. Where ever the gods go the mountain goes with them.external image 300px-Olympus_Litochoro.JPG It has been in Greece, Rome, England, Spain, and other countries that were the most powerful in the world at that time. It is now found in the USA.


Chapter 1: "I accidentally varorize my pre-algebra teacher"
He gets into trouble on a field trip. He puts Nancy,{ a bully}, into a fountain. She then drops her lunch into Grover's lap. They get into a fight, but Mrs. Dodds intervenes. Ms.Dodds then takes Percy into the Roman and Greek center where Ms.Dodds turns into this monster who has glowing eyes and wings, with long fingers. It tries to kill Percy but Mr. Brunner tosses a pen to Percy which turns into a golden sword that Mr. Brunner uses at class when he dresses up. It cuts Ms. Doddds on the shoulder. Then she turns into this yello powder. Percy Jackson kills Mrs. Dodds in the Museum on a field trip with a pen that turns into a sword, because she turned into an evil hag with wings and talons and tried to kill him because she knew he was special (half-blood).

Chapter 2: "Three Old Ladies Knit the Socks of Death"
Percy and Grover saw three old ladies knitting socks by the side of the road, at a fruit stand, across a 4 lane highway, next to their broken down bus. Grover gets nervous that while Percy was looking at the ladies, they cut their yarn. He says, they never pass 6th grade, and he is a keeper, and is worried about Percy. On the bus Grover gave Percy his card just in case Percy needed it. By that time Percy had a lot of questions like: Why am I in danger?, Why did you give me your card?, What are you talking about?.

Chapter 3 : "Grover Unexpectedly Loses His Pants"
While in thier little cabin they realize it is going to hurricane. When they were about to leave
Grover was standing at the front door with "shag carpet pants on". They all get in the car
and Percy's mom floors it. Then Percy realizes that Grover is half goat (saytr). Percy gets no
answers as to what they are speeding away from. After a while Grover says they are speeding
away from the "Lord of the dead and his bloodthirstiest minions". As they took a turn they got hit by a lightning bolt and slid off the road into the ditch, getting a slight view at the monster chasing them. Well Percy was in the car Percy's mom said "get out of the car and go to the tree" but Percy said "I'm not leaving you two behind" so Grover and Sally came.

Chapter 4: "My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting"
Percy was on his way to the summer camp and it was raining, and his mom knew that there was a bulky bull chasing him trying to kill him them a lightning bolt struck the car and the car was in a ditch. Grover was hurt and he was saying "Food" (guess he was hungry)
Him and his mom carried Grover to the hill then Percy had to kill the bull with the pen that was a sword and killed the bull and took the horn from the bull. They arrived at the hill and they all went in exept his mom(she cant come in because she isn't a halph-blood

Chapter 5: "I Play Pinochle with a horse"
Percy gets treated to some TLC and "passes" the test by drinking ambrosia, otherwise know as nectar of the gods. If he were merely a mortal, it would have killed him, but since he was a half-blood, it healed him instead. He is introduced to a few new characters, Mr. D, Chiron, Annabeth, and many other members of Camp Half-Blood. He finds out Mr. Brunner is actually a centaur named Chiron. Mr. D is in charge of Camp Half-Blood, but really is there becuase he is being punished by Zeus for a past misdeed.

Chapter 6: "I Become Supreme Ruler of the Bathroom"
Percy gets to know the Camp and fellow campers. He immediately gets picked on by Clarisse, a member of the Ares family. They get into it and Clarisse whoops on him until she tries to give him a swirly, then to her astonishment, she gets totally soaked by a toilet explosion. The only person not wet was Percy, coincidence?

Chapter 7: "My Dinner Goes Up in Smoke"
The campers sit down to dinner and give the best part of it to the fire as an offering to the gods. Percy really wishes that he could figure out who his dad is. There is an image that is revealed which pretty much settles who his father is.

Chapter 8:" We Capture a Flag"
Percy is on annabeths team for capture a flag and clarrise gets all "im gonna kill you!" and percy does a cool move and breaks her spear so Luke runs in and gets the flag but then Percy gets attacked by a hellhound and chiron jumps in and saves the day and percy's team wins. Percy was a bit mad that Annabeth used him as bait to get Clarisse out of position so her team could win, but gets over it.

Chapter 9:"I am Offered a Quest"
Percy Jackson gets to go on a quest. He also has Annabeth and Grover too. Percy got sad because Annabeth and Grover got things from their dad’s but not Percy. Chiron, {Mr. Brunner} pulled Percy off to the side and told him that his father knows were you are. Chiron also gave him a pen that turned in to a golden sword. Chiron said that it’s from his father. Chiron told Percy that if it goes away it takes a couple of seconds for it to return to your pocket. They get a ride from Chiron’s driver that Chiron asked to do it.

Chapter 10:" I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus"
On their trip out west they are riding on a bus, when Percy realizes that Mrs. Dodds and two other ladies who are harpies are also on it. Percy dons Annabeth's invisibility cap, but the harpies make too much damage and the bus is pretty much totalled. Percy fights them off, but now they are on the run. This event is broadcast over the news, so now people think Percy is a terrorist or something.

Chapter 11: We Visit the Garden Gnome Emporium"

Chapter 12: "We Get Advice from a Poodle"
In this chapter Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are just at camp Half-Blood waiting for something special event to happen. Percy really wants to find his mom and be safe with his family (Mom). Percy talks with Grover and Annabeth about Percy’s mom. They agree to find her mom with Percy. They talk to a very smart poodle that tells them where and how to find Percy’s mom. They get on a plane going to Los Angeles, Califorina to find Percy‘s mom.

Chapter 13: " I Plunge to My Death"
Percy, Grover,and Annabeth are going in to the arch, so they buy some tickets to go up in to the arch. Well they where in line they split up so Percy was alone. He got found by a laty that was not human. He got to the top then he jumped in to the water for about an hour, then came out. He was freacked when he saw he was on T.V. plunging to his death.

Chapter 14: "I Become a Known Fugitive"
Well obviously he become a fugitive and thatnulls actually pretty exciting. Annabeth and Grover sneak out of the arch that is broken, people are saying that a boy of Percy's description and he has to sneak out of there it is very exciting.Unfortunately the chapter is short too so ,too bad.

Chapter 15: "A God Buys us Cheeseburgers"
Ares comes to a diner in Denver and tells the kids that he has a deal for them. If they get his shield from a nearby waterpark, then he'll tell Percy about his Mom. The kids go to the waterpark, and they go into the pool to get the shield from a boat. Cupid statues start to come alive and shoot arrows that turn into a metal net. Percy uses his power to control water and saves them. It was a trap to catch Ares & Aphrodite messin' around. The kids were glad to have escaped without being put on Olympus tv.

Chapter 16: " We Take a Zebra to Vegas"
The kids hop into the back of a semi-trailer of an animal rescue organization. It turns out all to be a farce, the animals are mistreated and miserable. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth hear their stories and help them, know that an evil is unacceptable. Their journey leads them to the Golden Lotus Casino, which has tons of fun stuff for kids to do, in fact, some kids never leave. Percy finally gets his head together and gets Grover and Annabeth to leave, but a few days have passed, where they thought they had been in there for only a few hours! The Summer Solstace is upon them!

Chapter 17: "We Shop for Water Beds"
They are in L.A and have money, but they are running out of time. The police are over trying to find the three mysterious teens, so they live in alleys. This gang of rich kids are going to beat them up, so they run into the Waterbed shop. When they get there the salesmen is actually Percrustes a reptile like creature that wants to kill them. He traps Grover and Annebeth and Percy traps the evil reptile like creature and Percy cuts his head off. Percy kills yet another monster, the bad way.

Chapter 18: "Annabeth Does Obedience School"

Chapter 19: "We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of"

Chapter 20: "I Battle My Jerk Relative"

Teal tribe Chapter 20 Summary
They had just returned from the underworld when they ran into Ares. They had a long discussion about how Percy was tricked and that Ares stole the Master Bolt and Helm. It soon turned into an argument. They were wildly taunting each other and soon, Percy uncapped his sword and Ares was just as fast. They engaged in dreadful battle and were soon getting tired. The cops came. The officer told them to drop their weapons but Ares sizzled their cars into a pulp. They kept fighting when Percy went into the surf. He slammed Ares with a massive amount of water. He was whitewashed and then he was slashed in the heel by Percy’s sword. A large amount of darkness came and time froze and color disappeared. Ares was now immortal and had a curse on Percy so that whenever he fought he would be bad. He was congratulated by Grover and Annabeth.

Chapter 21: "I Settle My Tab"

Chapter 22: "The Prophecy Comes True"