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Manatees by PeWee07
Amur Tiger by Aflack
Jaguar by ctpack20
Dingos by fruitloop
gray wolf by cece1
elephant by widget
Sea Lion by zman
Snow Leopard by spartanblame
Bengal Tiger by iammurloc
Birds of Prey by Squirt
Giraffes (MI8)s (MI8) by JumpstergoMI
pandas by Burn nob
Bobcat by Duetches
lizard08 by twistle
Mountain Gorilla by mario_basketball
Viper By feedback
Horse By racecar
Clouded Leopard by moemoe411
Polar Bear by raclaw
chimpanzee by dramaqueen15
Armadillos by nintendoo
Pot Bellied Pig by Piggy08
Dolphin by soccergirl7
Spider Monkey by Soccergirl12
lemurs by mountain_dew
Tortoise by french_fry
river otters by jjballer44
bats! by Wingman
cheetahs by nickelback