Garageband - Day 1

Intro to Magic GarageBand
- SI's Latin mix

The Keeper & Shortstop's Latin Mix
Wilma's Reggae Mix
Snoopy's Rock & Classic Rock mixes
Ace's Reggae Mix
Kars mix-a-lot
ScienceGuy Rock Mix
GoalKeep & the Striker's Funk Mix
Miss Alley Cat's Mixes
DJ's Rock Mix
Red Card's Latin Mix
Murloc's Country Mix
Rayban's & Redhead's Country & Blues Mixes
Beginning Mixes

Bean Burrito Supreme - I'm Pretty Hungry, and Taco Bell Sounds Good
Hill's Mission X supreme song -
Miss AlleyCat - Tacoes & Pizza Man

Extreme Beatz Unique Song
GoalKeep's song "Sunglasses"
DJ's song "Turn It Up" -
Red Card & Murloc's hit song "Garden Gnomes have feelings too ya know!"
Murloc's song "My Aardvark Had a Heart Attack"
I Don't Know's - The Dawn of Time
The Keeper and Short Stop - Dont' Delete This"

Jumping Cherry Tomato's Walking on the Beach
Kars' song "Havoc"

I lost my hairband - [ invalid file: Shooting Stars!! <3.mp3 ]
Dancing Queen -
Ace's song "Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious"
WIlma's Top 40 hit -
Rayban & Redhead - Moonpies at Midnight -
NickTunes and Shadowz The Pies v2
Snoopy's newest hit "Rift" -

GarageBand & iMovie Day 2

Podcasts - audio only

Bear & Frick's podcast on Friends

Hill's Mario podcast

NickTunes and Shadowz Podcast on Soccer Theory of Baseball by Extreme Beatz

Miss Alley Cat's Making Crystals podcast Redcard and Murloc's Halo podcast

VidCasts using iMovie

Miss Alley Cat's Making Homemade Crystals vidcast
Rayban & Redhead's John & Kate + 8 vidcast
Science Guy's Liquid nitrogen vidcast Frick & Bear's Best Friends & Sisters Vidcast

Extreme Beatz Detroit Tigers vidcast
I Don't Know''s Archery Vidcast Ace's Detroit Tiger's Vidcast
Goal Keep & Shortstop's Chicago Blacksox vidcast
Nicktoons and Shadowz soccer vidcast
Hill's All About Mario Vidcast

Various Photobooth greenscreen silliness

Keep & Striker's Vidcast on Soccer Murloc & Red Card's Halo Vidcast
Kars, WIlma, and Snoopy's RambleVidCast
Redhead & Rayban's How not to Meet Guys video tutorial
Murloc & Redcard's How not to play soccer nicely video
Nicktunes and Shadowz How Not to Soccer v2 video
SI and the Fabulous Four
ShortStop and the Keeper's Soccer Basics video tutorial

Snoopy's How not to crossover dribble video
Wilam & Snoopy's How not ot hit a baseball
Kar's How Not to Catch a Flyball tutorial
Miss Alley Cat & Ace's How Not to Hit a Tennis Ball video
DJ & the PM iLife 09 class - Technothermia music video