This is our class wiki page dedicated to becoming a Web 2.0 classroom.

Please click on the following links to access the pages & information we are putting together.

Here is a fun project, take your Meyer Island 11 picture and "Obama-ize" it.

Meyer Island 10 Student Work pages -click here to follow

Meyer Island 11 student work pages.

Reading / English Language Arts pages

Click here to visit our Lit Circles wiki pages.

Click here to goto the 2010 Landmarks Project webpage.

Click here to go to our 2009 animal report wiki pages.

Click here to follow the link to our 2008 Animal reports.
The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordian, a fantasy novel.
Check out our English help page

Click here for a comic life page of our class.

Follow this link to view our class blogs.
Click here for our creative writing 2007 1001 Nights Tale wiki writings.
Click here to check out our 2008 1001 Wiki Tales writing project with students around the world.
We are listening & reading the hit new series 39 Clues. Click here on the link to read more about it.

Social Studies pages

Check out the Meyer Island Social Studies page, coming soon with Economics, Civics, History, and Geography.
Be sure to click to listen in on the various student created RAFT (historical fiction based) writings.

Technology / Interdisciplinary Units

Click here to go to the Big Huge Labs website for synthesis of multimedia tools. video tutorials for the iWorks 08 package.
Click here to see some book report movies using photobooth and iMovie for character interviews.

Click here to follow our links for our March Madness project.

Follow this link to listen to our after school podcasting club.
Teacher's workshop for podcasting resources, click here!
Here are some claymation movies created by the MST@MSU 2007 group.
Click here to follow the2009 INGHAM ISD TECH CAMP page.

Click here to follow the 2008 INGHAM ISD TECH CAMP page.

Check out the 2007 MST@MSU Digital Communication class wiki.
Follow this link to see our participation in the 2007 Monster Project.
Check out the 2007 Monster Project that we'll be participating in with international students! Math games & content practice for other subjects- click here to try them out.

Student Work pages

Click here to read our 2008 student work pages being made by 23 amazing kids.

Feedback42 and Aflack are going to make a Link Zone. The Link Zone is where you can find easy,quick,and awesome links.
Click here to visit the Link Zone

A constructivist classroom, making connections one lesson at a time. Bringing the world to our classroom.

Let's rock this year.

Raccoon's science info / homework page

A test by Murloc using our new iMac lab computers.

Click here to visit Mr. Meyer's home page.

shhhhh - "Don't blink!"
Bballstate Extra Credit Idiom